City Manager

The City Manager works under the direction of the Mayor and City Council and is responsible for the day-to-day operations and administration of the City.

The City Manager is appointed in accordance with Utah law and City ordinances.


The duties of the City Manager include:

  • Implement policy as directed by the Mayor and City Council
  • Propose plans and programs to the City Council for the benefit of the City 
  • Supervise department heads
  • Appoint and remove employees
  • Implement and enforce personnel policies and procedures
  • Set performance standards and exercise managerial control to ensure the City government operates in an efficient and effective manner
  • Keep abreast of and advise the Mayor and City Council on state and national legislative issues that affect the City

City Treasurer

The City Manager also acts as the City Treasurer and oversees the administration of the City's finances and ensures proper controls are in place to properly manage the City's cash, bonds, and other securities belonging to the City.

Emergency Management Director

The City Manager also acts as the Emergency Management Director, and oversees the City's emergency operations and makes policy decisions on behalf of the City during times of large scale emergencies.