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Apply For a Business License 

Step 1:  State Registration

All businesses in Utah are required by law to be registered with the Utah Department of Commerce and to be licensed within the city in which they are located.  Syracuse City requires anyone operating or conducting business in the city to  obtain a Syracuse City Business License, with the exception of a Minor Home Occupation.  

Those qualifying as a Minor Home Occupation may request a Home Occupation Business License and pay a processing fee.  To determine if your business qualifies as a Minor Home Occupation further definition can be found  in Syracuse City Code 10.35.040.

To register your business with the Utah Department of Commerce online please visit the  State of Utah's OneStop Business Registration System.

Sales Tax 

If your business will be collecting sales tax (selling or reselling products to consumers) you will need to get a sales tax number from the Utah State Tax Commission.  All persons doing business in Syracuse City that are required to have a Utah State sales tax number shall provide a copy of the sales tax certificate listing Syracuse City as the point of sale.

Step 2:  Business License Application

Register a Commercial Business

The Commercial Business License is for any business operating in the commercially zoned areas of the city.  Regulations regarding business licensing can be found in the Syracuse City Code Chapter 5.  

Click  here to fill out a Commercial business application. You will receive an email to pay the appropriate fees.  A Fire and Building Inspection will then be required and arranged through the City. If you are selling beer or alcohol, you will need to  fill out a separate Beer/Alcohol Business Application as well.  

Commercial Business Licenses MUST be renewed annually on or before December 31st of every year. You will receive an email to renew.

Register a Home Business

Your business will be either classified as a Minor Home or Major Home  Occupation. Regulations regarding all business licensing can be found in Syracuse City Code Chapter 5. Some home businesses may require a Fire and Building inspection. The Business License Officer will contact you if those inspections are needed.  Click here to fill out a Home business application. You must also fill out and submit a Personal Property Division form required by the  Davis County Assessor's Office.  

All Home Business Licenses MUST be renewed annually on or before December 31st of every year. You will receive an email to renew.  

  • A Minor Home Occupation is a business conducted in a home that has minor impact on a neighborhood.  Further definition can be found in Syracuse City Code 10.35.040
  • A Major Home Occupation is a business conducted in a home that has the potential for impact on a neighborhood. This license may require approval from the Planning Commission.   If approval is required, the applicant must fill out a Conditional Use application as part of the business license application process. The Business License Officer will notify you if  a Conditional Use Permit is needed,  and place you on the agenda for Planning Commission consideration.

Register for a Temporary Merchant or Fireworks Sales License

This license is for a business that is temporary or seasonal in nature. The license is valid for 6 months. Temporary Merchants and Firework sales can only be located within Commercially Zoned areas. This license may require Conditional Use Permit approval. To apply for a Temporary Merchant license click here.  To apply for Firework Sales click  here.  

Register a Food Truck Business

This is for businesses that are qualified as a Food Truck per Utah Code 11-55.  In addition to your application, we need a copy of your valid Health Department Food Truck permit from a local Health Department. We will also need a copy of the Fire certificate/sticker showing the food truck has passed a Fire safety inspection.  Click here to apply for a Food Truck business license. 

To obtain a Fire certificate/sticker,  you will need to contact the Syracuse City Fire Department to schedule an inspection at 801-614-9614.  Fire inspection fees are included in the Food Truck business license application.

Register for Door-to-Door Solicitation

A person that sells products door-to-door is a solicitor. Door-to-Door solicitors are allowed in Syracuse City after applying and obtaining a Solicitors License and Registration badge.  A city-issued Solicitor's Registration badge MUST be worn at all times will soliciting door-to-door. Further guidelines may be found in Syracuse City Code 5.30.

To apply for a Solicitor License and Registration badge, please submit a Solicitor License Application, a $150 application fee, and the application materials listed below to the Business License Official.

Required application materials:

  • Proof of business registration with Department of Commerce.
  • If selling a product, a Utah State Sales Tax ID from Utah Taxpayer Access Point.
  • Government-issued photo ID 
  • A passport-style photo
  • If the person has resided in Utah for the last five years and has a Utah Identification Card:
  • If the person has resided OUTSIDE Utah during the previous five years
    • They must obtain a background check from the  Federal Bureau of Investigation Identity History Summary Check processed and issued not more than 6 months prior to date of application.  Or
    • Obtain criminal background reports from each state in which they have resided during the previous five years of a substantially similar nature as Utah criminal history reports.

Step 3: Application Approval 

After submitting a completed application, it will be reviewed by the Community and Economic Development Department where they will verify the information given. This process may take up to 7 to 14 business days, unless  Inspections and/or Conditional Use permits are needed.  You will be contacted if further information is required.

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Renew an Existing Business License

All businesses operating in Syracuse City must renew their business license by  December 31st each year.  Failure to do so may result in the revocation of your business license and the following fines will be added to the annual renewal fee:

  • Late renewal in February: 50% of your renewal fee
  • Late renewal in March: 75% of your renewal fee
  • Late renewal April or later: 100% of your renewal fee

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