Approved Budget

Annual budgets are prepared and adopted before June 30 for the calendar year commencing the following July 1 in accordance with the Uniform Fiscal Procedures Act for Utah Cities. Once a budget has been adopted, it remains in effect until it has been formally revised. Budgets are adopted on a basis consistent with generally accepted accounting principles. View an archive of approved budgets.

Adopting the Annual Budget

  • Each spring, the Administrative Services Director submits a tentative operating budget to the City Council for the calendar year commencing the following July 1. The operating budget includes proposed expenditures and the means of financing them. 
  • The tentative operating budget is reviewed and tentatively adopted by the City Council they also set a date for a public hearing at which time taxpayers’ comments are heard. 
  • Copies of the proposed budget are made available for public inspection ten days prior to the budget hearing. 
  • After the budget hearing, the tentative budget, with any amendments is legally enacted through passage of a resolution. 
  • A copy of the budget is certified by the budget officer and filed with the State Auditor within thirty days of adoption.