Fire Department Fuel Storage Concerns

Over the past years, the United States Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), state environmental agencies, and local fire departments have required motor fuel dispensers (gas stations, etc.) throughout the nation to spend millions of dollars to control leakage of motor fuels into the environment from their underground and above ground fuel storage tanks. 

Naturally, we are now concerned about having hundreds of homeowners throughout the country with relatively uncontrolled fuel storage capacities on their personal property.

Storage Recommendations

Therefore, we strongly recommend that you reduce your home fuel storage capacities to no more than:

  • 25 gallons of combustible liquids (diesel or kerosene)
  • 5 gallons of flammable gas (propane) in portable Department of Transportation cylinders
  • 5 gallons of flammable liquids (gasoline or Coleman white gas)

Heating fuels do not have an indefinite shelf-life. In fact, many heating/cooking appliance manufacturers recommend that you consume all said fuels within 6 months of purchase.

More Information

Your voluntary cooperation in complying with these important life safety guidelines is greatly appreciated by the Public Safety Community (Health, Fire, and Police). These guidelines are truly intended to save your life and preserve your property. 

Please contact the Syracuse Fire Department for further clarification of these or any other issues at 801-614-9614.