Secondary Water Restrictions will be enforced 

2022 Water ScheduleUtah is in a state of drought for outdoor watering. This is a result of limited precipitation last year causing low water levels in the mountain reservoirs. Due to the limited supply of secondary water, a drought reduction has been issued from water suppliers that will affect water users throughout Weber and Davis Counties. The reduction is the same as last year, which is approximately 50% less than a non-drought water year.

The season begins May 15 and ends Sept 20; No watering during the hours of 10:00 a.m. and 6:00 p.m.; Use limited watering run times; No watering Sunday and no watering on a designated day based upon a geographical quadrant divided by Antelope Drive and 2000 West. In addition to Sunday the other designated no water days by quadrant are the same as last year: Northwest Tuesday, Northeast Wednesday, Southwest Thursday, Southeast Friday.

May 15 to 30: Pick one day out of the five available days.

Memorial Day to Labor Day: Pick two days out of the five available days.

Sept 6 to 20: Pick one day out of the five available days.

Remember to prevent excess water from irrigation that allows water to pool onto neighboring properties, streets, or storm drains. Also be sure to repair any known leaks within fifteen days of notification. Limited spot watering with a hose may be done only if an individual is attending.

It is highly recommended that you install a smart controller for your outdoor watering. This will allow you to control it remotely as you get notifications of changing weather in your area. Take advantage of a 50% off rebate offered from Utah Water Savers.

Please be mindful of water conservation and eliminate overuse and overspray on streets and sidewalks. Provide only the water your landscape requires. Check timers and turn off systems when possible, adapting to the weather conditions. Enforcement of wasteful watering will occur. Please help in being good stewards in our limited water supply.

Due to drought conditions this year, a water conservation plan is required from all large properties and HOA’s. The plan must be submitted to public works any time before June 1, 2022. Water will remain shut off until the conservation plan is received by public works. Consider how to manage using 18 inches of water through the water season rather than 36 inches of water.

If you have a conservation plan that is already established, it may be submitted, or you may develop a plan. If the plan is the same as last year’s plan, it still must be submitted with that indication. It need not be complex. It is simply a plan to help you or your contractor to be more mindful of reducing outdoor water use and eliminating waste. You may use the enclosed template if you like. In working together to voluntarily conserve and help our neighbors understand ways to conserve water, we can protect this precious resource.

The conservation plan can be submitted by email or mail anytime before June 1, 2022 to or Syracuse City Public Works, 3061 S 2400 W, Syracuse UT 84075.   

Smart Controller Rebates

Receive a rebate for up to $75 when you purchase an eligible WaterSense-labeled smart controller. Smart controllers reduce water waste by automatically adjusting how often and how long a landscape is watered based on local weather and landscape conditions.  Visit


Water Conservation Plan document


Please check back next spring (2023) to see if this will be available. Thank you

Irrigation Services

Syracuse City provides an irrigation water service to it’s residents. All new secondary laterals are one inch and include meters. Most homes built prior to 2019 have access to a 3/4 inch secondary water line. If you would like to upgrade to a 1 inch secondary line, please fill out the papers at City Hall. There is a fee for this service.

Secondary Water Valves

A city-owned secondary water valve is usually placed in the park-strip in close proximity to the property line. This valve is provided as a point of connection for the resident. Tampering with any City owned utility is strictly prohibited. (Ordinance 4.25.150) Residents need to install an additional valve in close proximity to the Cities valve, in order to maintain their system. Because the water is untreated, we recommend that a filter be placed just after the residents shut off valve.

When you have installed your sprinkler system, and are ready for the water to be turned on, please call our office at 801-825-7235, and we will be happy to turn it on for you. 

Wasting Water

Wasting water is prohibited (Ordinance. 4-25-130). We encourage you to check your own system periodically for leaks or broken heads. Known leaks are required to be repaired within fifteen days of notification.  Please contact Public Works if you observe any wasteful watering.


If you notice any leaks that are not from your own sprinkler system, please call the Public Works Department at 801-825-7235.