Updates for Projects                                                                           

Limited vehicle entry in construction zone areas

Villa Vista Subdivision: 1625 South (1300 W to 1150 W)                                 Construction will include a complete asphalt replacement and replacement of all city utilities: storm drain, sewer, culinary, and secondary water. It will also replace all ramps and some parts of failed gutters. Construction will continue through the end of November.

2175 South (2000 W to Bluff Road and including a short section of 2200 South)                                                                                                                                    Culinary water installation is nearly complete. Storm water and secondary water installation is in process. 2200 South is ready for asphalt and will happen soon.                         

Additional construction happening, with minimal or no traffic disruption

Bennett Legacy Subdivision and a portion of Silver Lakes: 800 West (3050 S to 3300 S) and 3050 South (800 W to 1000 W)                                   Manhole and valve collars still need to be completed.    

Weekly email updates are available by contacting Public Works Administrative Professional.        



Trees provide shade and appeal, but require proper maintenance to remain healthy. In order to protect trees that extend over the sidewalks and roadways from being damaged by vehicles and pedestrians, trees must be pruned to allow a clearance of seven feet over a sidewalk and eleven feet over a street.