Storm Football

Syracuse Storm Football

Registration: June 1 - June 30 "Online Only"

Registration for Storm Football will be done online this year.  CLICK HERE TO REGISTER.  Parks and Recreation staff will contact you to sign up for a date and time each participant will come to the Community Center to show documentation and receive equipment.

To complete registration in July, each participant will need a recent physical, his/her original Birth Certificate, proof of Medical Insurance or Insurance Waiver, and proof of Syracuse residency (Syracuse City utility bill).

Cost: $140.00


To finish registration in July every player will need:

  • Original birth certificate
  • Payment of $140 fee
  • Proof of Medical Insurance (Insurance Waiver)
  • Proof of Syracuse residency (Syracuse City water bill)
  • A recent (within 6 months prior of August 1) physical

Attention: July registration will not be accepted if the participant is not in attendance, or all documents are not accounted for.

Age requirement: To play storm football you must be 7 years old or older by Aug. 31st.