Community Service

City personnel will be able to assist you with information about the project that you have selected from the following list or for one that you have thought of yourself. In some instances when funding is available the City will provide you with materials such as paint or litter bags etc.

Organization of the project (planning and preparation, man power and equipment), will depend on you and your group leaders. City personnel will not be present to work on the project with you. Please keep in mind that projects need to be completed fully not leaving “loose ends” for others to finish.

If you are interested in performing community service please fill out this form and email to

Organize a Litter Pickup

Help us keep the City beautiful by cleaning litter from City Parks or one of the Trails or City Streets.

Painting Curbs Red in Front of Fire Hydrants

Paint a 30 feet section of the curb red for no parking in front of Fire Hydrants. This project can be done any time the temperature is at least 60 degrees and rising.

Paint Fire Hydrants

A fresh coat of paint protects the hydrants and makes the neighborhood look a little better. This project can be done any time the temperature is warm enough, (60 degrees and rising).

Eagle Project Ideas

Have your own idea for a project? Call Lesley at 801-614-9655 to present your project idea. Some ideas include:

  • Blaze trail extensions
  • Clean up along the creek system
  • Create concrete pads under park benches
  • Mark trail lengths along trails
  • Paint curb addresses
  • Paint/planks bridge
  • Pavilion painting
  • Plant trees in parks and on trails
  • Trail clean-up and weed removal
  • Trail signage
  • Weed removal in parks
  • Spray tree rings

Community Service Form

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    Physical Address
    1912 W 1900 S
    SYRACUSE, UT 84075

    Phone: 801-614-9660