New Improvements to Syracuse Parks

The City has been doing some great improvements too better Founders Park! Such improvements include: Six new Pickleball courts on the southeast side of the park, along with a new playground, pavilion, and restroom. On the west side of the park, a new pavilion and new restrooms will be constructed. The west parking lot will be improved too!

These improvements will be paid for through a combination of the following funding sources:

• Impact Fees

• Park Maintenance fees from monthly utility bill

• Fundraising efforts from citizens

• Recreation, Arts, & Parks (RAP) Tax

• General Fund (Property tax, sales tax, and general fees).

• General Fund money that would have been used to pay for 2020 Syracuse Heritage Days festivities. Due to cancelation of these festivities, the City will reinvest that money back into the park in the form of new improvements.

Total cost of the Founder’s Park Project is $759,965 and is expected to be completed by October 1st.

revised founders pic 2
revised founders pic