Special Message on Paramedic Service in Syracuse City, Utah


Your Syracuse Fire Department was established in 1965 as a volunteer organization.  Throughout the years the fire department has grown along with the community to provide the best service possible in your time of need.  

In 2002, Syracuse Fire began providing ambulance transport service staffed 24/7 with two Intermediate level EMTs, a service previously provided by the Davis County Sheriff’s Office.  Not too long after, in an effort to increase service levels, our ambulance team was trained to our current licensure level of Advanced EMT.   An advanced level EMT receives approximately 136 hours of training in pre-hospital care of the sick and injured.   This includes advanced airway management and IV therapy and medication administration training. 

When you call 9-1-1 for a medical emergency in Syracuse, dispatch may send an ambulance, they may send an ambulance and a fire engine, or they may send an ambulance, fire engine, and Davis County Sheriff Paramedics. The level of response is based upon the severity of injury or illness.        

Now the time has come for us to once again increase the service levels for our community.  On December 31st, 2022, the Davis County Sheriff’s Office will no longer be providing paramedic services.  This change in service will have an effect on the entire County; requiring Syracuse City to begin providing this valuable service 24/7.  

This change in service level will be a huge benefit to our community. Paramedics will soon be staffed in our fire station and will arrive to your medical emergency sooner to begin lifesaving treatment and transport.   

What is a paramedic? Paramedics receive upwards of 1,800 hours of intensive education and training including clinical rotations and field internships.  They are skilled in advanced airway and cardiac management, trauma and medical emergencies, and medication administration; providing life-saving measures until you arrive at a hospital.     

More information regarding this change in service is forthcoming and will be found in future issues of the Syracuse Connection as well as our website and social media platforms.