Water Service Line Inventory


For years, Syracuse City’s water testing has shown the water is safe and meets or surpasses all state and federal water quality standards. This includes testing for lead to ensure the water is safe to drink. The City water mains do not contain lead and there are no known lead service lines leading from mains to meters. The Syracuse City water distribution system is in full compliance with the EPA’s current regulations.


The Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) revised the Lead and Copper Rule (LCRR) in 2021 to protect public health and reduce exposure to lead and copper in drinking water. Lead and copper in drinking water are primarily caused by leaching (discharging) from plumbing materials containing lead or copper in home plumbing or service lines.

The new requirements of the LCRR go into effect Oct. 16, 2024, and necessitates all water systems, including Syracuse City, conduct a service line inventory.

Service lines are defined as the pipe that connects the water main to the inlet of a dwelling. The service line inventory consists of all service lines within our distribution system, including those serving residential, commercial, and industrial buildings. If it contains lead piping, it is a lead service line. Most of our customers share this service line with Syracuse City; typically, from the meter to the house is the homeowner’s responsibility, and from the meter to the main is the City’s responsibility.

Water Service - Line Ownership and Responsibility

There are no lead pipes in any of the Syracuse City-owned mains and services. We are now in the process of conducting a mandatory service line inventory asking for your assistance to determine the water service line material on the property owners side. Lead pipes were prohibited for use in 1989, so all buildings built in that year and prior must be checked.


To further protect your water and to meet the new updates to the EPA LCRR, we need help in identifying the material of your private service line. You can inspect your service line to identify lead by taking the following steps:


•    1990 or newer, no identification is required as the dwelling should not have a lead service line. No need to proceed forward in the identification process. However, if you received a notice, please contact our Public Works department to verify the year of construction.

•    1989 or older, not likely to have a lead service line, but identification is required, and you should proceed to step two.

2.    IDENTIFY THE WATER SERVICE LINE MATERIAL. Follow this step-by-step guide to identifying lead service lines. Take 1-3 photos of your service line and note the material. If you can identify your service line material, please proceed to step three, and submit the results.

•    Support (optional). If you would like to schedule a member of our Public Works department to visit your residence to determine your line material or have questions, please call (801) 825-7235.

•    Complete a swab kit (optional). If you would like a swab kit to identify your service line, please pick up a kit from the Syracuse City Public Works Department (3061 S. 2400 W.) during regular business hours. Once you complete the kit you may submit the results.

3.    SUBMIT THE RESULTS. Once you have identified your service line, please submit the results using one of the following methods:

•    Call. Call Public Works and speak to a representative at (801) 825-7235.

•    Text service. Text “LEAD” to 801-992-1880 (follow the directions to provide your name, building address, material, and photos).

•    Email. Email water@syracuseut.gov with 1-3 photos of the water service line along with your name, address, and material identification. Please put the address as the subject line.

•    Online Submission Form. Complete the form and then email 1-3 pictures of your water service line coming into your building to water@syracuseut.gov with your dwelling address in the subject line of the email.

Syracuse City does not anticipate any lead service lines. However, if a building is thought to have a lead service line, Syracuse City will complete a follow-up inspection. Syracuse City is not responsible for the replacement of private lead service lines, and there is no requirement for a property owner to replace a lead service line. The mandate requires the City to notify the property owner and the Utah Division of Drinking Water if there is a positive identification of lead pipe, along with any updates made thereafter to the lead service line.

For additional information on the service line inventory being conducted, please contact Syracuse City Public Works at (801) 825-7235.