Why is the city working on the house side of the sidewalk?

PUEs are on most private properties in subdivisions that have been created in the past 40 years (almost all of residential Syracuse). These easements often follow all property lines but are most commonly along the front and rear. Common easement widths range between seven and 10 feet. Since private property lines start at the back of sidewalk, most PUEs will provide public utilities access to between to the first seven and 10 feet of a front yard. The sidewalk, parkstrip, and road are all public property, so easements are not necessarily required. Utility work in these areas is also possible but more likely to be filled with larger pipes and conduits like water, sewer, and storm drains. Power, internet, gas, and phone lines tend to take up unused space or placed in private yard space utilizing PUEs. PUEs are why utility boxes are almost always behind the sidewalk.

Also, the City is not performing any of the UTOPIA work. It is all being done by contractors hired and managed by UTOPIA. For questions and concerns about Utopia digging, contact:

  1. James Miller 801-389-8908 jmiller@utopiafiber.com or;
  2. Darren Woolley O: 801-260-0988 C: 801-509-2641 darren@bjacksonconstruction.com

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