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Tuition Aid Request

  1. Tuition Aid Policy Information
    Syracuse City offers tuition aid to full-time, non-probationary employees who wish to continue their education. Tuition aid requests must be for courses of study that are related to the employee’s position with the City and approval of tuition aid requests is subject to the availability of funds. Tuition aid request must be submitted for approval prior to the start date of the course(s) for which the employee is requesting tuition aid. Approved tuition aid requests will be paid to the requesting employee as provided in section 16.060 (c) of the Syracuse City Personnel Policies and Procedures Manual. Employees who receive tuition aid will be required to return any aid received if they terminate their employment with Syracuse City within one year after receipt of said tuition aid.
  2. Employee Information
  3. Course Information
  4. Employee Signature
    I hereby request approval for tuition aid as described. By checking yes, I am submitting my online signature.
  5. Approval
  6. Approval Signatures
  7. Tuition Aid Payment Information
    To Be Completed upon Employee's Completion of Courses
  8. Were the courses for which tuition aid was requested completed with a “C” grade or better?
    A Copy of the Employee’s Transcript Must Be Attached
  9. If “Yes” above, please indicate which course(s) were completed with a “C” grade or better, the grade received in each course, and the related percentage of aid that the employee is eligible for each course (refer to section 16.060 (c) for reimbursement percentage).
  10. For Human Resources Use Only
  11. Has the employee received any other tuition aid during the current fiscal year?
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